Dance performance

When the birds sing of loss...

09. Jun 2024 KL. 14:00 - 15:00

When Birds Sing of Loss…

You know when you stand at the bus stop, and you get the phone call.

Or when you have to carry your mother through the most narrow pathway possible.

When your body fits perfectly inside of the door frame.

Or the fact that you have to insist that the body should be naked and not with clothes.

It is that close, grief. It is an all-encompassing presence, woven into every aspect of our being. Grief is not only part of all of us, it is all of us.

It is not a static state, but rather a journey that unfolds through movement and time, moving from one dance to another.

When Birds Sing of Loss…is a dance collection of a daughter’s memoir, intimate grief gatherings, and the circulating affect of a dancing body.
The performance offers reflection on life experiences of grieving/losing a loved one.

Idea, concept, performer: Iselin Brogeland

Artistic mentor: Horacio Macuacua

Sound: Nandele Voda

Costume: Victoria Heggelund

Creative support: Mohammadreza Akrami, Sara Santervás, Melina Koulia, Martins Tuvanji, Matanhane Abilio, Manuela Hierl

Thank you to studio Utopimos Moz, Mugangueni Int Dance Festival, and the local people of Macaneta, as well as to my supervision team: Birgitta Haga Gripsrud and Sarah Spies.

This dance performance is part of Iselin's artistic work at the doctoral program for Artistic Research (department of dance) at the University of Stavanger.
The performance will be filmed.

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